Treat Your Hair to Honey, Too!

By now, you’ve heard that raw honey is nature’s miracle elixir: a cure-all potion for skin, a tonic for the body, and a healthy sweetener to boot.  But there’s more!  Honey can also do great things for your hair and scalp, giving you one more reason to keep a jar in your bathroom as well as in your kitchen.

For an intensive treatment mask, mix ½ cup raw honey and ¼ cup coconut or olive oil.  Work the mixture in gently but thoroughly, roots to tips, and leave on for twenty minutes.  Rinse well, and enjoy the amplified volume and shine.  Repeat once a week to keep your shine glowing.

You can also take a faster route to reviving dull locks by adding one teaspoon of raw honey to your shampoo before you lather up.  Make sure you rinse thoroughly for soft, shiny strands!

Does your scalp need some extra TLC?  Maybe you’re plagued with dry scalp, or dandruff, or just winter itchiness.  Honey will moisturize, nourish, soothe, and work against any fungal or microbial elements.  Dilute honey with warm water – 1 tablespoon honey to 1 teaspoon water is a good ratio – and massage it into the scalp.  After two hours, rinse with warm water.  Use this treatment every other day until flakes and itch are gone and your scalp is healthy.

At Hummer and Son, we offer a range of natural Bee Hippie body products as well as several varieties of premium Louisiana honey products for whatever your needs!  Not sure what to choose?  Contact us