Treat Winter Skin Woes with Milk and Honey

It’s winter, and between cold temperatures, wind, and dry indoor heat, it’s no wonder that many people spend the season with dry, uncomfortable, itchy skin.  With all the holiday bustle and busy schedules, wouldn’t it be nice to have a quick, easy cure?  Honey to the rescue!

Look no further than the ancient recipe of a milk and honey bath.  Milk’s lactic acid acts as a gentle exfoliant, and honey locks in moisture.  You can use either liquid or powdered milk, as long as it’s full-fat.  Add 1-2 cups of liquid milk (or 1 cup of powdered milk) and about half a cup to a full cup of honey to hot running water, and swirl with your hand to mix it in thoroughly.  Soak as long as you like, or until the water has cooled.

If you have eczema or other skin irritations, fill a knee-high stocking or a thin sock with regular oatmeal (don’t use the instant or quick cooking kind).  Tie the top securely, toss it in the tub with you, and squeeze it every so often as you soak to infuse your bathwater with oatmeal’s skin soothing properties.  Before you get out, give yourself a light scrub all over with the sock.  Then just turn it inside out over a trash can, scrape off the remains and rinse with warm water, and you can wash your sock as usual.

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