September National Honey Month

The bees are still working hard as summer winds down, and as we try to squeeze in a few last cookouts and outdoor parties, let’s celebrate National Honey Month!

If you’re partying or cooking out, why not incorporate some honey into your recipes?  Start with a Honey-Ginger Soda, try Spice-Crusted Salmon with Orange-Honey Glaze and Honey Citrus Glazed Carrots, and finish with No-Bake Chocolate Brownies.  The National Honey Board has lots of ideas for honey-drizzled dishes, from breakfasts to desserts.

Another idea to support your local bees is to provide some attractive plants for them.  When the wildflowers begin to get scarce, potted or garden plants are a good source of food for bees.  You can find a list of bee-friendly plants here and here.  Of course, be sure to keep them free of chemical pesticides that could sicken the bees or affect the colony.

If you have a farmer’s market nearby, you can probably find many different varieties of local honey.  The foraging area, local plants, and individual bee colony will all have effects on the flavor, just like wines are affected by region and growing conditions.  Get several small jars from different bee keepers, grab some friends, and have a honey tasting party!  Try each flavor alone, in tea, or on toast or biscuits.

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