Bee Feeding Paper

It’s no secret that the world’s bees need our help.  Between pesticides, environmental changes, parasites, and lack of food sources, honeybees are under significant stress.  While the average person may not be able to do much about climate change or parasites, we can all help to provide food sources for bees by planting bee-friendly flowers.  And recently, a product has arrived that pulls double duty.

Bee saving paper, developed by Saatchi and Saatchi IS and City Bees, is designed to offer bees both immediate and long-term benefits.  The biodegradable paper is made with glucose, which will act as a pick-me-up for bees that have to travel farther to find food sources.  But that’s not all.  The paper also contains purple tansy (lacy phacelia) seeds, which will grow into a bee-favorite plant as the paper degrades.  And to ensure that bees find the delicious treat, the paper is coated in UV paint that resembles the red circles they see in fields of flowers, to guide them to the nourishing glucose.

So far, the paper is being used by a Polish beekeeper for labels on honey jars.  More potential uses include coffee cup sleeves, picnic plates, bags, and more.  Because this paper is designed to be left out in nature, any number of disposable products would be appropriate.  It’s a small step that could make a big difference to the world’s bee population.

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